Despite being deployed in thousands of building projects in dozens of countries over the past 35 years, this type of panel technology has not yet been brought to the broader building sector as a fully marketable system. No other company currently manufactures a panel system that will meet the present needs of the construction marketplace, manufactures the machines that produce the panel, and advises on how to best implement the system. Panel Point incorporates all of this and more.  Panel Point Global is the market leader in panel based building technology systems.

  • Panel Machines

    1. Panel Machines:

    Panel Point is implementing the first full-service panel-based building technology company with a custom engineered next-generation, cost-effective panel production system that can be used anywhere in the world (including areas with limited electrical capacity) to produce building materials for all structural types.

  • r&d

    2. R&D, Technical Publishing:

    Panel Point is the first panel-based building technology company to offer engineering and technical support for architects, builders and contractors in order to allow them to take full advantage of this advanced building system.  Panel Point Global's business model is founded on educating the local communities of architects, engineers, and contractors in the use of our system.   At every turn, Panel Point intends to empower local communities to utilize our system on their own.

  • 3. Panel Production:

    Panel Point partners with panel producers in various global regions to source panel for our market entry projects.   Additional panel production plants will be opened in the near future from which anyone can obtain panels and technical support. Certain plants will be owned by Panel Point Global and others will be licensees.

  • panel building

    4. Panel Building:

    Panel Point Global's construction management teams have decades of experience building with panel-based systems for companies and groups ranging from Bechtel to Habitat for Humanity, as well as local and regional developers. Panel Point will continue to oversee projects as general contractor and to advise architects, developers, engineers and contractors with regard to panel-based project implementation.